About Us

Why Talia Chickpeas?

The name Talia means dew from God and abundance and it originates from Anatolia where our founders Hatice and Zach are from. Chickpeas have been a strong part of the Mediterranean diet for centuries. They are one of the earliest cultivated legumes that date back to 3500 BC in Mesopotamia. Our all natural, gluten free and Non-GMO chickpeas are dry roasted; which means there’s absolutely no oil in our processes. Our chickpeas also provide the highest amount of dietary fiber and protein in legumes. 

Indulge in our different flavors as you like!  Talia chickpeas are ideal to have on the go or while watching a movie or any sporting event. These nutrient dense snacks offer a perfect option to those with nut allergies as well!

It really is a product you can't go wrong with!